The Distinguisher

"True Christians are differenced and distinguished not only from all heathens and infidels, but also from all bare nominal Christians, by their love to Jesus Christ. It is the property of covetous persons to love worldly wealth and riches. It is the property of ambitious persons to love worldly honor and dignities. It is the property of voluptuous persons to love sensual pleasures and delights; and it is the property of true Christians to love Jesus Christ, whom they have never seen. None but such as are true Christians love Christ, and all those that are true Christians love Him. The loveliness of Christ appears not to the eye of sense, but to the eye of faith. They who do not see Him with this eye cannot love Him; and they who see Him with this eye cannot choose but to love Him. Such as do not love Christ, it is not because Christ lacks beauty, but because they are blind. Now all true Christians have this eye of faith to discern Christ's excellencies, and none but true Christians have this eye. The essence of Christianity consists in believing; reason makes us men, but faith makes us true Christians. It being, therefore, the property of true Christians to believe, it is their property also to love this unseen Christ."

-- Thomas Vincent (1634-1678)

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