A Sign from God

"Were God, in open day, before [the eyes of agnostics], miraculously to suspend the laws of nature, they might for a time, perhaps, be impressed and confess that here was the finger of God. It is probable, however, that this impression would not be lasting. For in His ceaseless support and maintenance of the course of nature, such men perceive nothing to admire, nothing to adore. Were the hand that moves all worlds to arrest the sun in the heavens and cause him to stand still for even an hour, they might say, 'This is the Lord.' But the sun may rise, and run his race, and duly set three hundred and sixty-five times in the year, and nothing is said or thought of Him, at whose rebuke the pillars of heaven tremble, and by whose ordinance the everlasting mountains and the order of universal nature have their stability."

-- William S. Plumer (1802-1880)

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