Postscript: God in Our Image?


"We are willing God should be our benefactor, but not our ruler; we are content to admire His excellency and pay Him a worship, provided He will walk by our rule. This commits a riot upon His nature: To think Him to be what we ourselves 'would have Him, and wish Him to be' (Ps. 50:21), we would amplify His mercy and contract His justice; we would have His power enlarged to supply our wants, and straitened when it goes about to revenge our crimes; we would have Him wise to defeat our enemies, but not to disappoint our unworthy projects; we would have Him all eye to regard our indigence, and blind not to discern our guilt; we would have Him true to His promises, regardless of His precepts, and false to His threatenings; we would new mint the nature of God according to our models, and shape a God according to our own fancies, as He made us at first according to His own image; instead of obeying Him, we would have Him obey us; instead of owning and admiring His perfections, we would have Him strip Himself of His infinite excellency, and clothe Himself with a nature agreeable to our own. This is not only to set up self as the law of God, but to make our own imaginations the model of the nature of God."


-- Stephen Charnock (1628-1680)

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