Postscript: Deceitful Riches


"If we trust in our riches, we make riches our god. We may take comfort, but not put confidence in them. It is a foolish thing to trust in them. They are deceitful riches, and it is foolish to trust to that which will deceive us (see Matt. 13:22). They have no solid consistency, they are like landscapes or golden dreams, which leave the soul empty when it awakes or comes to itself. They are not what they promise; they promise to satisfy our desires, and they increase them; they promise to stay with us, and they take wings. They are hurtful... It is foolish to trust to that which will hurt one. Who would take hold of the edge of a razor to help him? They are often fuel for pride and lust (see Ezek. 28:5; Jer. 5:7). It is folly to trust in our riches, but how many do, and make money their god! 'The rich man's wealth is his strong city' (Prov. 10:15). He makes the wedge of gold his hope (see Job 31:24). God made man of the dust of the earth, and man makes a god of the dust of the earth. Money is his creator, redeemer, comforter: his creator, for if he has money, he thinks he is made; his redeemer, for if he be in danger, he trusts to his money to redeem him; his comforter, for if he be sad, money is the golden harp to drive away the evil spirit. Thus by trusting money, we make it a god."


-- Thomas Brooks (1608-1680)

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