Postscript: The 'Folly' of the Godly


“Carnal men think their own way to be wisest, who spend all their time and care in attaining profit, and pleasure, and preferment in the world. There is present advantage, and they judge the way of the godly to be mere folly, who spend their strength in looking after spiritual and heavenly things, which they count to be but fancies; but a little time will discover this error. They who thought themselves to be the only wise men shall certainly be found to be mere fools, and the godly the wisest adventurers, whose wisdom shall be to them a tree of life. Oh, what poor things are present delights, which draw away the carnal, if compared with these choice satisfactions and pleasures which are to be had at God’s right hand for evermore! Death will soon show that they are in an happier condition that suffer all things for an unseen world and the life to come, than the sensual and ungodly, that have their good things here.”


-- Thomas Manton (1620-1677)

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