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Postscript: Trust in God

"But how shall we know that we trust in God aright? If we trust in God aright, we shall trust Him at one time as well as another. `Trust in Him at all times' (Ps. 62:8). Can we trust Him in our straits? When the fig-tree does not flourish, when our earthly crutches are broken, can we lean upon God's promise? When the pipes are cut off that used to bring us comfort, can we live upon God, in whom are all our fresh springs? When we have no bread to eat but the bread of carefulness (see Ezek. 12:19), when we have no water to drink but tears, as in Ps. 80:5: `Thou givest them tears to drink in great measure'; can we then trust in God's providence to supply us? A good Christian believes, that if God feeds the ravens, He will feed His children; He lives upon God's all-sufficiency, not only for grace, but for food. He believes if God gives him heaven, He will give daily bread; he trusts His bond: `Verily thou shalt be fed' (Ps. 37:3). Can we trust God in our fears? When adversaries grow high can we display the banner of faith? `What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee' (Ps. 56:3). Faith cures the trembling in heart; it gets above fear, as oil swims above the water. To trust in God, makes Him to be a God to us."


-- Thomas Watson (c. 1660)