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  God’s Grace in Answering Prayer “There is no more proper ground of praise than the fact that God hears prayer—the prayer of poor, ignorant, sinful, dying men.  When we consider how great is His condescension in doing this; when we think of His greatness and immensity; when we reflect that the whole universe is dependent on Him, and that the farthest worlds need His care and attention; when we bear in mind that we are creatures of a day and ‘know nothing;’ and especially when we remember how we have violated His laws, how sensual, corrupt, and vile our lives have been, how low and groveling have been our aims and purposes, how we have provoked Him by our unbelief, our ingratitude, and our hardness of heart—we can never express, in appropriate words, the extent of His goodness in hearing our prayers, nor can we find language which will properly give utterance to the praises due to His name for having condescended to listen to our cries for mercy.”     -- Albert Barnes (1798-1870)          
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  The Diversity of the Bible “The parts of Scripture were penned by diverse secretaries, published in diverse places, in diverse ages, on diverse occasions, for diverse ends:  so the argument and subject matter, the method and manner of composing, the texture and the style of writing are likewise different.  Some parts of Scripture were delivered in prose, others in verse or numbers: some parts of the Scripture are historical, showing what hath been done, some are prophetical, showing what shall be done; others are dogmatical or doctrinal, showing what we must do, what we must believe.  Again, some parts of Scripture are clear and easy, some are obscure and very knotty:  Some parts of Scripture show what God made us, others, how sin spoiled us:  A third, how Christ restored us.  Some parts of Scripture show forth acts of mercy to keep us from sinking; others record acts of judgment to keep us from presuming.”   -- Joseph Caryl (1602-1673)