Old Testament Study:

Haggai 2:1-9

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God Works Through Man


"There are some ignorant Christians that think it enough to charge anything in worship or religion to be unlawful because it is human, the work of man. It is likely, these will not be grieved that their teachers are silenced, for they were men. And as men have written some forms of prayer, so they are men that have written the many hundred holy books that are now among us. And preaching and praying are the words and works of men. The singing psalms were turned into metre by men: yea, all your English Bibles were made English by men, and you read and hear no English words but the words of men, though they signify the word of God. The dividing of the Scripture into chapters and verses is the invention and work of men. And I think they were but men that taught you to speak and read. God worketh by man on man, as sociable, fit instruments:  and if you despise all in religion that is the work of man, you will despise the word and work of God, and show that you are less than men."


 -- Richard Baxter (1615-1691)