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"Scripture Studies" is a journal dedicated to the study and exposition of the Bible, for those who love the study of the Bible, for those who respect the Bible as the Word of God, for those who want to know the Bible better. May the Lord bless you as you study His Word.

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Christian Quote of the Week (or so!):

The First Winter of the Pilgrims

"'Twas a most heavy trial of their patience, whereto they were called the first winter of this their pilgrimage, and enough to convince them and remind them that they were but Pilgrims. The hardships which they encountered, were attended with, and productive of deadly sicknesses; which in two or three months carried off more than half their company. They were but meanly provided against these unhappy sicknesses; but there died sometimes two, sometimes three in a day, till scarce fifty of them were left alive; and of those fifty, sometimes there were scarce five well at a time to look after the sick. Yet their profound submission to the will of God, their Christian readiness to help one another, accompanied with a joyful assurance of another and better world, carried them cheerfully through the sorrows of this mortality: nor was there heard among them a continual murmur against those who had by unreasonable impositions driven them into all these distresses. And there was this remarkable providence further in the circumstances of this mortality, that if a disease had not more easily fetched so many of this number away to Heaven, a famine would probably have destroyed them all, before their expected supplies from England were arrived. But what a wonder was it that all the bloody savages far and near did not cut off this little remnant! If He that once muzzled the lions ready to devour the man of desires, had not admirably, I had almost said, miraculously restrained them, these had been all devoured! But this people of God were come into a wilderness to worship Him; and so He kept their enemies from such attempts, as would otherwise have soon annihilated this poor handful of men, thus far already diminished."

-– Cotton Mather, from Magnalia Christi Americana, or The Ecclesiatical History of New England, Book I, Chapter 1, Section 10 (1702)

Related Bible Verses: 
"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)

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Vol. XV, No. 6 - November 2016

Old Testament Study - Exodus 24
The Blood of the Covenant, by C. H. Mackintosh (1858)

A Classic Study - Job 1:7-8 (part 4)
"My Servant Job", by Joseph Caryl (1644)

A New Testament Study - Matthew 27:27-56
The Soldiers Mock Jesus; The Crucifixion, by Scott Sperling

A Topical Study - On Prayer
How to Begin Every Day with God, pt. 3, by Matthew Henry

A Study in Wisdom - Proverbs 2
Seeking Wisdom, and the Rewards of Doing So, by Scott Sperling

A Meditation - The Spiritual Chemist
A Meditation Upon Feeling the Pulse, by Scott Sperling

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