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"Scripture Studies" is a journal dedicated to the study and exposition of the Bible, for those who love the study of the Bible, for those who respect the Bible as the Word of God, for those who want to know the Bible better. May the Lord bless you as you study His Word.

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Judging Yourself

"Acquaint yourselves with those marks that are proper only to a true Christian. Overlook all those that are common with hypocrites, such as outward profession, constant attendances, some affections in duties. Let us not judge ourselves by outward acts: A player is not a prince, because he acts the part of a prince. But we must judge ourselves by what we are in our retirements, in our hearts. He only is a good man, and does good, that does it from a principle of goodness within, and not from fear of Laws, or to gain a good opinion in the world… The great accusation the devil brings against Job was that he served not God for naught, that his service was not sincere, that he acted a righteous part for his own ends, and to preserve his worldly prosperity (Job 1:9,10). But if our ends be right, and our actions in the course of them according to His rule, if our hearts in them respect God’s Law, and His glory, how the devils arrows will drop down, as shot against a brazen wall."

-– Stephen Charnock (1628-1680), from "Discourse on Self-Examination", in The Works of Stephen Charnock, Vol. 7, pg. 209

Related Bible Verses: 
"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith: prove your ownselves. Know ye not your ownselves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?" (II Cor. 13:5, KJV)

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Latest Issue of Scripture Studies:

Vol. XV, No. 7 - December 2016

Old Testament Study - Exodus 25
The Furniture of the Tabernacle, by C. H. Mackintosh (1858)

A Classic Study - Job 1:9-11 (part 1)
"Doth Job Fear God for Naught", by Joseph Caryl (1644)

A New Testament Study - Matthew 27:57-66
The Burial of Jesus, by Scott Sperling

A Topical Study - On Prayer
How to Begin Every Day with God, pt. 4, by Matthew Henry

A Study in Wisdom - Psalm 75
Thanksgiving for God's Justice and Salvation, by Scott Sperling

A Meditation - The Spiritual Chemist
A Meditation Upon Contentment and Satisfaction, by William Spurstowe

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